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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Fenix in Athens

Herceg Novi-Budva-Bar-Tirana-Athens
A great way  win the  cup :)
Excellent accommodation, even better food, Greek specialties... friendly sellers, waiters professionals, many different nations, so many people ...
Ancient Greece, walk with the Gods, with a touch of heavenly arches, giant towers, view the entire Athens ...
Street dance in the middle of Athens, freedom, tight streets and traffic jams, various languages ​​resound through the streets ...
Gyros, souvlaki, tzatziki ... cakes ...
Hol full of competitors, the energy that reaches the highest point of the Hispanic contractors, beauty movements of the body, perfect line body, beauty and fragrances toilets on all sides ..
This was our experience of traveling through Greece,that moments of  happiness we brought to our city and our country.
It was worth the time, effort and a long journey.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Fenix in Podgorica,Montenegro

Fenix group is in constant motion...
Perfect music and unique techniques, various styles, fantastic performances and positivism are a symbol of "Phoenix".
Recently we have been participants in the competition IDO Montenegro in Podgorica, the Montenegrin capital, where we won two first places in the modern ballet.
Medals and cup we brought home ,one more in a series.
We love dancing, traveling and the positive charge of energy from various parts of the world.
And soon, the direction of Athens, Greece ...
Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Halloween 2016th

31st October we celebrated Halloween.

The costumes are all created themselves, and  program on the eve of  party was perfectly imperfect.
Witnesses scariest most beautiful dance in the dark and a lot of great food on the tables
(mmmm fine cakes ... moms made it  , snacks, juices ....).
Children are always in the mood for friendship  and partying, but older , also.




Satisfaction is one day a year to know that we can relieve the fear,  just as we costumed ,dark clothed, masked, and then enjoy and have fun on that account.
Take a hair of the dog that bit you.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

"OliviaFoundation-International" worldwide

About us

„.OliviA-Foundation-International“ HercegNovi, Montenegro was founded on 1st July 2015 with the single main goal: Mutual co-operation through projects between Montenegro and India for the benefit of children and young people.

Our mission.

Foundation did not want to set boundaries in helping and co-operating with others. This is a Montenegrin-Indian project, which is open to co-operation in the field of protection of children’s and young people’s interests worldwide


Many activities are being organised in the headquarters of our Foundation. We offer various workshops, school of modern dance and fitness dance for both junior and senior participants.

Thursday, October 20, 2016


(One School work: wrote Nirvana M., 9 years) 07.10.2016.

I love when I'm alone because then I think the most beautiful.
I prefer when I think about myself.
I'd like to be true for me everything I wanted to accomplish.
I wish that my soul knows exactly what  wants.
I am happy that I was born, because it was born  goodness.
My feelings do not break my dreams, because my dreams are coming true.
I wish  all to know how to express their feelings
To know how to do it...

We should not hide love.
In me are love, kindness, and  success.
I wish that the whole world knows that this is all love.
I know that I can  succeed in life and 
I will do my best to make it.
To show true myself.

(Uncorrected composition)

Friday, July 15, 2016

Hidden art-Montenegro

Katarina Grbic, 

a freelance artist.She is self-taught and great talent.She drow portraits and  soon participant Workshop which will be held in Dirk Dzimirsky in Germany.

She plan to engage about  portraits hyper realism ansd deserve to publish  her art on our site because indicate the talent that must not be left unnoticed.

Graphics: Morgan Freeman

This is not a photo, this is a drawing.

Works with Faber Castell pencils on Fabriano hot pressed paper.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Dr.Najat Makki - Art of United Arab Emirates

 I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting a great artist  Dr.Najat Makki from the United Arab Emirates,Dubai.She invited me to look at her exhibition in Portomontenegro.

Dr Najat and Kurt Blum, general manager greeted me with a lot of attention and friendship ,also presented me her work, with bright, colorful designs focused on their traditional costumes and focused on female figures and symbols. I noticed the silhouette of a woman shrouded in secrecy.
Najat Makki is one of the leading artists of the modern art movement in UAE.Najat Makki's artistic career passed through several stylistic phases,over the decades including realism and abstract expressionism.Her work frequenly incorporates items from nature such as saffron, henna, or bark,often known for her focus on the female figures and symbols ,in recent years.

I've met on this occasion also Fatma Saeed Al Baga, a passionate Emirati calligrapher ,and she 's printed with calligraphy my name.
I taked Arabic coffee and datel palm and my name has taken a new form.
Especially I thrilled when Najat and me set in a separate area and reviewed her book ... I got a henna decoration on my hand.My hand is decorated with beautiful drawings ...It's for me a whole new experience, especially as I watched the very quick process of drawing henna artist who is was very fast in this craft.
This will I wear on my hand for about three weeks.
The practice of henna painting has taken roots throughout Arabia, India and the Mediterranean, and is becoming increasingly trendy.

They also organized workshops for children, and in that part prepared wonderful book for children to read and to color ,by acquainted with a new country and to compare it with our tradition,
customs, culture, attractions etc.