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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Big Dance Manifestation - ENERGY DANCE in Herceg Novi,MONTENEGRO 2018.

dancers and philanthropists!

I come up with the idea to make a big manifestation of modern dances (hip hop, streeet, jazz, rock & roll, electric ... with dance groups from around the world.

The project is under construction, planned to be held in Montenegro,on the Sea, in June. We are open for all forms of support, for all interested.
We accept suggestions, ideas, cooperation.

Contact us at mail olivijahn@yahoo.com
For all travel  arrangements please contact om travel montenegro (click on link right).


In September 2017th, the first international event was held, a pilot project, where the participants was from different cities of Montenegro, also from Russia and Ukraine.

Energy dance,International event was very successful, and the mission is to continually expand the number of participants from around the world this year and next years.

IDO competition in Athens 2017.

In December, our club participated in the IDO competition in Athens and from 3,000 registered participants we won 1st place and gold medal in street show solo and 4th place junior hip hopelectric.
The impressions we brought from Greece, where we have been touring for the second time, are great: A great atmosphere in a city that does not sleep, a metro ride, a tour of the Acropolis, a giros in a great restaurant in the center of Athens, a walk through Athens streets in pre-holiday Christmas atmosphere in Stanley **** stars hotel, excellent food, people ready to help in all possible languages, our members are positive and have proven to be good, very good! Congratulations!

First place ,Street show ,solo

                                                         Dance under the sky,
                                                              in God's house

Metro station 

Greetings for 4th place,hip hop,Electric formacy

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Travel to Sarajevo,Bosnia and Hercegovina Federation

Dance creations are part of our workshops. Through dance, we realize our dreams as much as we can be strong, full of energy and ready for new ventures.
Under dance also involves the education of the soul, because we are open to receiving new knowledge, ready to show what we learned, how to overcome obstacles and, most importantly, to spread positive energy, create new friendships all over the world and exchange experiences.

We recently back  from Sarajevo, and our next destination is Athens, capital city of Greece.

Hotel City in Sarajevo

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Dance manifestation 2017 , Montenegro

We invite you to participate in the big dance event of modern dance called "Energy dance 2017", which will be held on Saturday, September 30, 2017, at 7 pm in Herceg Novi, in the Park of Boka, in the open air, organized by the dance club "Fenix" and with the support of the Tourism Organization of Herceg Novi & Oliviafoundation-International, Montenegro.

We are open to all kinds of modern dances, especially streeet show, hip hop, acrobatic dance and breakdance.
The manifestation is of a promotional type, where dance groups from Montenegro, Serbia, Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Italy ...


* interact with the audience
* workshops, seminars that you can reserve for the interested participants / applications on time
* party salsa after a manifestation led by our guests from Greece
and a lot of surprises ...

Applications can be sent by September 20th 
 oliviafoundation.me@gmail.com or by calling 067 229 221
067 337 372
Build a strong energy network! :)

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Fenix in Italy

The Fenix Group of Young Participants, in Italy, in the beautiful historic town of Cervetera near Rome, had a chance to take part in the dances of the organizator Dance Academy "Danza dimenzione 2000" in  Italy on the seafront, surrounded by floral arrangements and beautiful fortres.
The manifestation was organized among the historic buildings in the central city. As the honorable guests, we had the opportunity to be located in the very center of the city next to the place of events.
A unique opportunity to perform with perfect dance groups and visit half of Italy (Rome, Vatican City, Venice, Verona ...).
We went to tour Europe. What's next? What city and what opportunity? We'll let you to know :)

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Fenix in Athens

Herceg Novi-Budva-Bar-Tirana-Athens
A great way  win the  cup :)
Excellent accommodation, even better food, Greek specialties... friendly sellers, waiters professionals, many different nations, so many people ...
Ancient Greece, walk with the Gods, with a touch of heavenly arches, giant towers, view the entire Athens ...
Street dance in the middle of Athens, freedom, tight streets and traffic jams, various languages ​​resound through the streets ...
Gyros, souvlaki, tzatziki ... cakes ...
Hol full of competitors, the energy that reaches the highest point of the Hispanic contractors, beauty movements of the body, perfect line body, beauty and fragrances toilets on all sides ..
This was our experience of traveling through Greece,that moments of  happiness we brought to our city and our country.
It was worth the time, effort and a long journey.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Fenix in Podgorica,Montenegro

Fenix group is in constant motion...
Perfect music and unique techniques, various styles, fantastic performances and positivism are a symbol of "Phoenix".
Recently we have been participants in the competition IDO Montenegro in Podgorica, the Montenegrin capital, where we won two first places in the modern ballet.
Medals and cup we brought home ,one more in a series.
We love dancing, traveling and the positive charge of energy from various parts of the world.
And soon, the direction of Athens, Greece ...
Keep your fingers crossed for us!